About us

Lee Lisemby, Owner and CEO

Our team, led by Lee Lisemby, a highly skilled veteran of the US Navy, bringing two decades of experience and a commitment to excellence to every project. Lee’s military background has honed his exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills, which have been key in running large projects. 

After a successful career at NASA and high tech, Lee wanted something different. In 2019 he turned his attention to the construction industry, where he ran a small side business for drywall repair.  Lee quickly grew this business into a commercial finishes business that focuses on large multifamily apartments and commercial buildouts in Texas. 

Why We’re Called US4? 

While serving in the military, Lee, Allyson (wife), Parker (oldest son), and Weston (youngest son) moved many times. Having to pick up and leave friends came with the job. Through it all, they had each other.” Fittingly so, Lee named his company after “us four” – “US4.”

Also, US4 looks like USA which was a great way for Lee to achieve a dream of owning a patriotic company.  

At US4, family and culture are paramount.  We believe happy employees creates happy customers.  

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