About us

Lee Lisemby, Owner and CEO

Our team, led by Lee Lisemby, a highly skilled veteran of the US Navy, brings over a decade of expertise and a commitment to excellence to every project. Lee’s military background has honed his exceptional leadership and problem- solving skills, which were key to his successful efforts to streamline facilities and reduce waste in the Naval Aviation systems, saving the Navy $8 million.

After a successful career in medical devices and high tech, Lee wanted something different. In 2019 he turned his attention to the construction industry. With exceptional leadership and negotiating skills, Lee has built the most talented team in the industry. Normally, this would mean higher prices. Not at US4. Lee has negotiated his vendors to the lowest prices possible, which relates to high quality at low prices. Why wait? Choose US4 Construction for your next construction project and experience the difference for yourself!

Why US4?

At US4, family is everything, which is why we named ourselves after our close-knit family of four. And when you work with us, you become part of our family. We won’t let our family down.

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